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Descripción Contenido
Nº de control 00000592
Autor Feuerstein, Steven
Título Oracle PL/SQL programming.
Editorial O`Reilly
Año 2014
Páginas 1340 p.
Idioma Inglés
Lugar Cambridge
Fecha de Publicación 2014

The first edition of Oracle PL/SQL Programming quickly became an indispensable reference for both novice and experienced PL/SQL developers. Packed with examples and recommendations, it helped everyone using PL/SQL (from the Oracle Forms developer to the database administrator) make the most of this powerful language. Oracle8 presents PL/SQL programmers with new challenges by increasingboth the possibilities and complexities of the language. This new edition updates the original book for Oracle8, adding chapters describing the new PL/SQL object features (object types, collections, object views, and external procedures). The second edition also contains a much-requested chapter on tuning PL/SQL, as well as expanded discussions of debugging and tracing PL/SQL execution. The book comes with a companion diskette containing the Companion Utilities Guide for Oracle PL/SQL Programming, an online tool developed by RevealNet, Inc. The online guide contains more than 100 file of source code and documentation prepared by the authors. Even if you've already read the first edition of Oracle PL/SQL Programming, you'll find an enormous amount of new and revised information in this second edition and on its companion diskette. If you're new to PL/SQL, you'll soon find yourself on the road to mastery. NOTE: To make room for the new material, some summaries and code fromthe first edition have been moved to the companion disk.

ISBN 978-1-449-32445-2
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